The Niagara Guard

Lieutenant Colonel W. R. Turnbull
19th (Central Ontario) BattalionTurnbull

He had the interests of the men ever at heart, and would do anything to procure them comfort and security.

(Toronto Star, 22 May 1919, 8)

William Robert Turnbull was a 13th Regiment militia officer and founder of the 91st Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. He was born in Hamilton, Canada West, on 9 January 1865. From November 1914, he served as second-in-command with the 19th Battalion under Lieutenant Colonel John I. McLaren.

After McLaren returned home, Turnbull assumed command on 18 July 1916. He was wounded within a month and recovered in England. During the interim, Major Gordon F. Morrison took over the 19th. Turnbull returned in October 1916 but was recalled to Canada in January 1917 and replaced by Major Lionel H. Millen.

He was appointed to take charge of the frontier guard around the Welland canal and Niagara region. He held the post until 1 July 1918 when the force was disbanded.

He died in Hamilton on 19 October 1943.

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