Dishonoured Cheques

Lieutenant Ronald John Beck
8th Reserve Battalion

In conclusion, I would like to say that I have no one to blame but myself. It was caused by two things: Drink and women. I never knew the taste of liquor until I went to France. I still wish to stay in the army in any capacity whatsoever.

(Lt. R.J. Beck, court martial, 7 Jan 1918)

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Lt. Col. Genet

Lieutenant Colonel Harry Genet
58th (Central Ontario) Battalion

Is it too much to expect that our fellow-citizens, now living in Canada in comfort and security, purchased by the blood of their brothers here in France, will sin all differences, political or otherwise, and unite in the common cause of our Empire and make one great effort to support and reinforce their army in the field?

(Col. Genet, Toronto Globe, 17 Dec 1917, 3)

Born on 20 February 1864 in London, England, Harry Augustus Genet had served for five years in the 2nd Middlesex Regiment before immigrating to Canada. He worked for the Adams Wagon Works in Brantford and joined the 38th (Dufferin) Rifles. After Lieutenant Colonel F. A. Howard left with the First Contingent in 1914, Genet assumed command of the 38th regiment. In April 1915, he was authorized to raise the 58th Battalion from central Ontario, Toronto and Hamilton. Continue reading

Lt. Col. MacFarlane

Lieutenant Colonel R. Alex MacFarlane
58th (Central Ontario) Battalion

He performed this task with great skill and daring, personally killing two of the enemy. During a subsequent operation he made a reconnaissance forward of his battalion, in which he surprised an enemy machine-gun post; he killed one of the crew and took four other prisoners. Throughout these operations he showed sound judgment, courage and skill.

(MacFarlane, D.S.O. Bar Citation, 11 Jan 1919)

Robert Alexander MacFarlane rose from a lieutenant in the 58th Battalion to command the unit from January 1918 to demobilization. A prewar member of the 77th Regiment, he was born in Montreal on 15 August 1889. MacFarlane was three times wounded in action, five-times mentioned in dispatches and won the Distinguished Service Order and two Bars.

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