The Golfer

Lieutenant Colonel A.E. Griffin, D.S.O.
5th Battalion, Canadian Railway Troops

His hobby is golf. In it he finds physical exercise and mental relaxation from the enterprises, some of which have been the most important railway construction jobs in the British Columbia mountains.

(Vancouver Sun, 16 Jan 1921, 11)

Born in Ontario on 17 September 1877, Atholl Edwin Griffin was a Vancouver civil engineer and contractor in the firm of Jack Stewart. In November 1916, he was commissioned in Stewart’s Canadian Railway Troops and given command of the 5th C.R.T. For two years service in France carrying out important construction operations, he received the Distinguished Service Order. The experience, however, wore down his health and required rest leave. particularly spring 1918 following the German offensive.

Griffin resumed construction and engineering work with Stewart’s firm but soon started his own business in the 1920s. His contracts took him to projects all over the world. He supervised dam and irrigation construction in Chile, roadway building in Spain, public works in India, and a railway across Persia. In his spared time, he enjoyed golf and participated in amateur tournaments.

After he lost one 1934 match on a missed putt, one sports reporter noted, “Though he had tough luck, Griffin never said a word, never expressed annoyance, just walked arm-in-arm to the clubhouse with his opponent. This spirit was typical of the whole tourney.”

He died in Vancouver on 5 May 1956.


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