Lt. Col. Goodday

Lieutenant Colonel C. Goodday
Lord Strathcona’s Horse

The Regiment saddled up & “stood to” ready if needed to assist in or take advantage of a counter attack being delivered on the eastern side of the river. At 8 pm orders were given to oft-saddle and rest for the night. Major C. Goodday having rejoined from leave took over the command of the Regt.

(LdSH war diary, 31 March 1918)

Born in London, England on 25 October 1880, Claud Goodday was a British Columbia cricket player and self-styled gentleman. He had been commissioned as a lieutenant and adjutant with the Fort Garry Horse in 1913 and went overseas with Lord Strathcona’s Horse in October 1914. He swiftly rose through the officer ranks and was a major by August 1916. He temporarily assumed command after Lieutenant Colonel D.J. MacDonald was wounded on 30 March 1918

Goodday relinquished acting rank on MacDonald’s recovery three months later. After the armistice he resumed command when MacDonald departed for Canada to take up duties with the Permanent Force. Goodday resigned his commission following demobilization in August 1919.

He soon joined the staff of the University Military School in Victoria, British Columbia as director of military studies. He particularly encouraged sports of all kinds and referred school games. In 1923, he moved east becoming house master at the Trinity College School in Port Hope, Ontario.

He trained troops at Camp Borden during the Second World War and retired in 1942.

He died in Toronto on 23 August 1954.


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