Lt. Col. Jones

Lieutenant Colonel L.E. Jones, D.S.O.
18th (Western Ontario) Battalion

Jones LE

Jones is quite a sport with a forte in the baseball line. This year he is manager of the Varsity nine and his eagle eye is scanning the horizon for recruits. He is just quiet enough to be rated “a good fellow,” without an enemy around the institution.

 (Torontonensis, 1900, 53)

Louis Elgin Jones was born in Elgin County, Ontario on 2 November 1877. A graduate of the University of Toronto, he was a mathematics teacher, civil engineer, and member of the 27th Regiment. In November 1914, Jones joined the 18th Battalion as a captain.

Shortly after the battle of Vimy Ridge, Jones officially assumed command of the unit from Lieutenant Colonel G. F. Morrison, who had been evacuated to England sick. Jones led the 18th for nearly twenty months from 19 April 1917 until the end of the war.

He received the Distinguished Service Order on 18 October 1917 and a Bar on 1 January 1919:

His initiative and personal direction led to the success of the attack and permitted of the advance of his own and neighbouring units. He personally supervised the work of consolidation of the objective gained, and throughout, under exceptionally adverse conditions, he set a splendid example to his officers and men.

During the 1930s and 40s, Jones was active in the 18th Battalion veterans’ association and the Canadian Legion. He attended annual reunions with surviving colonels E. S. Wigle and H. L. Milligan.

Jones died in St. Thomas, Ontario on 5 March 1949.


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