Maj. Dupuis

Major G.E.A. Dupuis
22nd (French Canadian) Battalion


All our senior officers have been hit with the exception of Major Dupuis who seems to stick on through everything. The old battalion will no longer be recognizable.

(Maj. Georges Vanier, 8 Sept)

George Elzer Alexandre Dupuis was a bank clerk born in Quebec City on 31 October 1888. He enlisted with the 57th Battalion on 18 August 1915 before transferring to the 41st in October when he departed for England. As a reinforcement lieutenant he joined the 22nd Battalion in France on 1 July 1916.

Although twice wounded, Dupuis remained on duty and received the Military Cross in December 1916. By April 1917, he had been promoted to acting major. After a late summer posting to a reserve battalion in England, Dupuis rejoined the 22nd in the field in December 1917.

When many of the senior officers were wounded during the battle of Amiens, Dupuis briefly took command of the battalion from 28 August to 10 September 1918. Command then passed to Lieutenant Colonel Henri DesRosiers.

Dupuis ended the war with a Bar to his Military Cross. He continued a military career and commanded the Royal 22nd Regiment from 1932 to 1938.


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