Lt. Col. Dubuc

Lieutenant Colonel A.E. Dubuc, D.S.O.
22nd (French Canadian) Battalion


Let me start with the bad news: Major Dubuc was wounded again today by the explosion of a rifle grenade … The major bled profusely, which I think is a very good sign but did not lose consciousness. In fact he even retained his usual good humour … The Major has had wonderful luck in each of his misfortunes. To be wounded twice in the head and to come through is simply marvelous.

(Georges Vanier to mother, 15 Jan 1916)

Born on 18 May 1880, in Sherbrooke, Quebec Arthur Édouard Dubuc was a civil engineer in the Department of Public Works. A member of the Corps of Guides since 1908, he enlisted as a captain with the 22nd Battalion in November 1914.

He had been promoted to major when the 22nd deployed to France in September 1915. He was twice wounded in the head before a promotion to acting lieutenant colonel in October 1916. He assumed command of the 22nd in the place of Thomas-Louis Tremblay, who was temporarily on leave after the Battle of Courcelette.22ndDubuc

He relinquished command on the return of Tremblay in February 1917. He briefly took over the 22nd from 9 August 1918 until he was severely wounded in action two weeks later. On 26 August, Dubuc was struck in the head by a bullet and lost his eye. Major Georges Vanier took command of the battalion until he too was wounded the next day.

He died 6 September 1944.

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