Lt. Col. D’Aigle

Lieutenant Colonel L.C. D’Aigle
165th (French Arcadian) Battalion

De son côté il a promis de former un bataillon acadien sous le commandement d’officers acadiens et francais. Nous avons la certitude qu’il s’en tiendra à côte promesse. De l’autre côté les Acadiens influents de toute l’acadie ont approuve et votés la formation du 165e. Chacun devrait maintenant faire sa part pour assurer le succes du battalion. Nous constations mieux plus tard la valeur d’un succes complet.

(L’Acadien, 14 juil 1916, 1)

Born on 15 December 1869 in Saint-Louis-de-Kent, New Brunswick, Louis-Cyriaque D’Aigle was an agronomist and dairy farming magnate. Although he did not have any military or militia experience, D’Aigle was appointed commander of the 165th Battalion based in Moncton.

While recruiting throughout the Maritimes, D’Aigle called on French Acadian men to prove their loyalty and devotion to the King by enlisting in his battalion. While Acadian recruitment paralleled the proportion of English-Canadian volunteers in the region, by September 1916, the 165th was still two hundred men short.

Shortly after arriving in England in spring 1917, the 165th was absorbed into the 13th Reserve Battalion. D’Aigle went to France for a short tour of the trenches around the battle of Vimy Ridge. He eventually returned to Canada, where he became a professor of agronomy with a specialty in milk production. Late in life he published various books and articles on the history of Acadia and New Brunswick. He died on 25 September 1958 at the age of eighty-nine.

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