The Bald

Lieutenant Colonel Stan Bauld
25th (Nova Scotia Rifles) BattalionBauldDS

Col. Bauld was in command and I must say that he has done good work for the whole time that he was out there. He was such that no matter who the man was he would do all in his power to assist him.

(Lieut. Lewis, Over the Top with the 25th, 1918)

Duncan Stanley Bauld was a commercial traveler born in Halifax on 16 April 1884. He belonged to the 66th Regiment and enlisted with Lieutenant Colonel G. A. LeCain’s 25th Nova Scotia Rifles. Following the poor performance of the battalion during its first action in late September, LeCain and his senior major were sacked. Edward Hilliam was appointed to take command and Bauld was promoted to second-in-command.

After being wounded in action in 1916 and mentioned and dispatches, Bauld assumed command of the 25th in January 1917 following Hilliam’s promotion to brigadier general.

Due to taking a senior officers’ course in England, he was disappointed to miss the action at Vimy in early April 1917. Major J. A. De Lancey led the battalion over the top but was killed at the outset of the battle. Major Arthur Blois took temporary charge until after the battle when Bauld again assumed full command of the 25th. Four months later, he was granted leave home and command again passed to Blois on 9 July 1917.

In November 1917, Bauld became second-in-command of the 1st Depot Battalion, Nova Scotia Regiment. In October 1918, Bauld volunteered to join the Siberian Expeditionary Force in support of the Allied intervention during the Russia Civil War. He was appointed major in command of “A” Company, 260th Battalion.

Upon arrival in Siberia, he reported the destructive effect of Bolshevism on factories and production, stating that the locals would “throw off the yoke of Lenin” if only for Allied supplies. He reported: “Bolshevism has nothing whatever to offer any country. It meant death to constitutional authority destruction of Industry and impoverishment of the people.”

Digitized Service File (LAC):

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