Maj. Bond

Major George Bond, D.S.O., M.C.
28th (Northwest) Battalion

 he went forward under heavy fire to his most forward troops and made a personal reconnaissance of the situation, afterwards establishing a line from which the village was captured next day. Throughout the operations his work was excellent. (Bond, D.S.O. Citation, 19 Oct 1919, 3202)

Born on 14 November 1889 in Wappella, Saskatchewan, George Frederick Daniels Bond moved to Winnipeg in 1905 and later attended the University of Manitoba Law School. He interrupted his studies to volunteered with Lieutenant Colonel F. J. Clarke’s 45th Battalion in August 1915.

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Lt. Col. Rogers

Lieutenant Colonel J.B. Rogers, D.S.O., M.C.
3rd (Toronto Regiment) Battalion

Colonel Rogers, as he then was, hazarded his life on many a field, and if he came through the war without being physically disabled none can say that his sojourn on this earth was not cut short by the sacrifices and hardships which trench warfare entailed. He was always in the front line with regiment, and it can truly be said that he was a leader of men who won a priceless heritage.

 (Toronto Globe, 15 Oct 1940, 6)

Joseph Bartlett Rogers was a ten-year member of the Queen’s Own Rifles and an original officer of Lieutenant Colonel Robert Rennie’s 3rd Battalion. He was born in Toronto on 3 March 1886. He rose from the rank of lieutenant to command the 3rd Battalion for 25-months on the front between October 1916 and the armistice. Continue reading

The Toothless

Major John L. Youngs, M.C.
110th (Perth) BattalionYoungs

On August 15th, last, patient presented with very severe form of Trench Mouth. I extracted the four worst teeth and treated the balance. Teeth responded splendidly to treatment and became quite tight. On Sept. 4th, a lower denture was inserted and patient discharged.

Today, I find the natural teeth quite firm, and practically satisfactory. His denture is fairly satisfactory but I think as good as the average lower denture.

(Medical History of Invalid, 11 Dec 1917)

Lieutenant John Lant Youngs was a Stratford building contractor and member of the 28th Regiment. He was born on 11 December 1873 in Oxford County, Ontario. He served as company second-in-command to Captain T. G. Delamere when both enlisted with the 1st Battalion in September 1914.

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