Lt. Col. Jones

Lieutenant Colonel C.H. LeP. Jones
227th (Man o’ the North) Battalion

I do not believe I am competent not having been in the trenches myself, to thank you for these men. I do not believe in all modesty I am clothed with sufficient authority from them to speak for them. I do not believe any man can adequately answer this toast unless he has had his baptism of fire in this, the greatest war of all time, but I will clothe myself with sufficient authority to say a good old fashioned “Thank you” for them.

(Col. Jones, Pulp and Paper Magazine, 9 Feb 1917, 148)

Charles Hugh LePailleur Jones was a well-known figure in the paper and pulp industry. He was born in Montreal on 1 May 1876 and graduated with a degree in engineering from McGill University. He had belonged to the 3rd Victoria Rifles before moving to Sault Ste. Marie where he became commanding officer of the 51st Soo Rifles. In August 1916, Jones was appointed to raise the 227th Battalion from Sudbury-Manitoulin-Algoma. Continue reading