Lt. Col. Walkem

Lieutenant Colonel Hugh C. Walkem
107th (Timber Wolves) Battalion

He was created a chief of the tribe by the name La-de-see, or Great Warrior. The ceremony took place in the Montreal Curling rink and was largely attended by the Indians as well as by pale faces. A war bonnet was placed on the head of the new chief by Chief Clear Sky. Clear Sky was overseas with about 200 other Indians in the 107th Battalion commanded by Colonel Walkem.

(Kingston Whig-Standard, 17 Jan 1934, 2)

Hugh Crawford Walkem was an insurance broker born in Kingston, Ontario on 19 August 1874. A member of the 5th Highlanders of Canada in Montreal, he enlisted as a captain with Lieutenant Colonel Cantlie’s 42nd Battalion in May 1915. Having distinguishing himself in France, he was attached to the Canadian Training School as an instructor in October 1916.

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The Indian Fighter

Lieutenant Colonel Glen Campbell, D.S.O.
107th (Timber Wolves) BattalionCampbell_G

I had hoped that I would not have to rise and address the House to-night, because I have been, with other western members, attending hockey matches the last few days, and my voice is not as good as I would like it to be.

(Campbell, Debates, 21 Jan 1910, 2259)

Glenlyon Archibald Campbell was a frontiersman, pioneer, rancher, soldier and politician. He was born in Fort Pelly, North West Territories on 23 October 1863. He fought with the Boulton’s Scouts at the battle of Batoche during Louis Riel’s 1885 Rebellion. Fluent in Cree and other Native languages, he raised the 107th Battalion largely from western First Nations.

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The Boulton Boys

Major Lawrence Boulton
Major D’Arcy Boulton
Lieutenant Russell Boulton †

Manitoba Depot Regiment  Boultons

If sole support of widowed mother, state what amount you have given per month prior to your enlistment, also reason she has no other support than yourself:

All earnings. Husband dead and her only other sons married and supporting their own families. She has no other income sufficient to support her & her two daughters.

(L. C. Boulton, “Particulars of Family”, 7 Jan 1917)

The Boultons were a prominent Upper Canadian family with deep political connections and a long military tradition. During the 1885 Northwest Rebellion, Colonel Charles Arkoll Boulton (1841—1899) raised a unit to help put down the uprising of Louis Riel. In 1889, he was appointed senator for Manitoba. His oldest son, D’Arcy Everard Boulton was born in Orillia, Ontario on 26 April 1876. Lawrence Charles Boulton was born in Lakefield, Ontario on 10 December 1878. The youngest son, Russell Heath Boulton, was born in Russell, Manitoba on 24 February 1884-1918.

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