The Troublemakers

Lieutenant Colonel W. H. Allen
Lieutenant Colonel Robert Innes
106th (Nova Scotia Rifles) BattalionInnes

A fellow works his heart and soul out to recruit and organize a Battalion, brings it across here with the expectation of taking it to the front, has it taken away without even a “thank-you” and is then told that he must revert, or go back to Canada. A just reward for his efforts!

(Innes to McCurdy, MP, 8 Nov 1916)

Born on 1 April 1882 in Kidderminster, England, Walter Henry Allen was a Nova Scotia carriage builder and Boer War veteran. He had enlisted as a captain with the 17th Battalion in September 1914 and fought with the 15th Battalion in France. After being wounded, Allen was authorized to raise the 106th in November 1915. Six months later, Allen was brought before a court martial board for ” behaving in a scandalous manner, unbecoming the character of an officer and a gentleman.” He was cashiered and replaced by Robert Innes, a twenty-four year old major. Born on 18 August 1891 in Colbrook, Nova Scotia, Innes held a degree in scientific agriculture and had served for several years in the militia.

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