The Rancher

Lieutenant Colonel Norman Lang
65th (Saskatchewan) BattalionLang

The Sixty-Fifth to the war are gone,
In the ranks of Victory you’ll find them;
The Land of War still on before
And the Land of Love behind them
“Canada,” cried the warriors hold,
The chains of still should bind us
‘Gainst duty’s call they would not hold—
Though we leave our hearts behind us.

(65th Overseas Battalion, booklet, 1916, 5)

Born on 4 August 1879 in Exeter, Ontario, Norman Lang was a farmer and rancher in Allan, Saskatchewan. The grey-eyed, moustachioed, six-foot-three Lang was a member of the 29th Light Horse and veteran of the Boer War. In April 1915, he was authorized to raise the 65th from the Saskatoon area.

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