Maj. Gen. Burstall

Major General Sir Henry Burstall
2nd Canadian Division

General Sir H.E. Burstall who commanded the Canadian artillery in the late war, was reputed to have an iron nerve, and, in action, to have been one of the coolest men in the army. Nothing, it was said of him so quickly aroused his anger as to see a man give way to fear, even momentary fear, and he seldom let such action pass in silence.

 (Vancouver Daily World, 28 Oct 1922, 22)

Born on 26 August 1870 in Sillery, Quebec, Henry Edward Burstall was a graduate of the Royal Military College, Boer War veteran and Permanent Force artillery officer. He commanded the 1st Division Artillery from September 1914 until September 1915 when he was elevated to GOC of the Royal Canadian Artillery Corps. In December 1916, Burstall replaced Major General Richard Turner of the 2nd Canadian Division.

He remained at the post until the end of the war and was seven times mentioned in dispatches. From 1920 to 1925, Burstall was Inspector General of Canada, succeeding former Corps Commander Sir Arthur Currie. He was the first RMC graduate to ever reach the rank of lieutenant general. Burstall next retired to Headbourne Grange, England where he died on 8 February 1945.


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