Lt. Col. Gordon

Lieutenant Colonel H.D.L. Gordon
4th Canadian Mounted Rifles

Canadian accounting principles are whatever Clarkson Gordon does.

(Col. Gordon quoted in Stephen Azzi, Walter Gordon and the Rise of Canadian Nationalism, 16)

Harry Duncan Lockhart Gordon was born in Toronto on on 29 July 1872. After attending Upper Canada College and the Royal Military College, Gordon trained as an accountant in England. By the outbreak of the Great War, he had become a prominent Toronto businessman in the accounting firm Clarkson Gordon & Co and commanding officer the 9th Mississauga Horse. He joined the 4th CMR as a major in December 1914.

After the death of Lieutenant Colonel J.F.H. Ussher at the Battle of Mont Sorrel on 7 June 1916, Gordon assumed command of the regiment. After a year, he was recalled to England and posted to command the 8th Reserve Battalion. By April 1918, he resigned his commission to return to Toronto and resume his position as senior partner at Clarkson Gordon.

His son, Flying Officer Hugh Lockhart Gordon, was killed in action on 14 August 1940. His other son, Walter Lockhart Gordon, later became finance minister for in the Lester Pearson Government.

Having left a significant influence on the Canadian accounting industry, Colonel Gordon died on 20 April 1966.

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