Brig. Gen. Hayter

Brigadier General Ross Hayter
10th Infantry Brigade

He was a splendid example of the Royal Military College graduate, and, although all his service before the war was with the British forces, he never lost touch with Canada and never lost his Canadian spirit.

(Arthur Currie, 19 Dec 1929, 3)

Ross John Finnis Hayter was a graduate of the Royal Military College and Boer War veteran with nearly twenty years’ service in the British Army. He was born in Assam, India on 28 February 1875. He served as a brigade major with the 1st Infantry Brigade during the second battle of Ypres and later joined the staff of the 3rd Division under the command of General Louis Lipsett.

In December 1917, Hayter was promoted to take command of the 10th Infantry Brigade, comprising the 44th, 46th, 49th and 50th Battalions. During the final weeks of the war, he served as general staff officer to General Arthur Currie with the Canadian Corps Headquarters. Hayter rejoined the British Army after the war.

He died in London, England on 17 December 1929. Currie paid tribute: “I remember him as a valued staff officer and an excellent commander. More than that, he became my warm personal fiend and our friendship never lessened.”


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