Lt. Col. Fearman

Lieutenant Colonel G.D. Fearman
120th (City of Hamilton) Battalion


This Officer is still suffering from the above debility. In addition the worry incidental to rearrangement of his Unit and its breaking up prevented him taking his previous three weeks leave and rather increased the condition. At present he suffers from insomnia being awake from 1 to 4 almost every morning. His condition persists without definite signs and his general condition has depreciated.

 (Proceedings of a Medical Board, 7 Feb 1917)

Born on 21 August 1867 in Hamilton, Ontario, George Douglas Fearman was an accountant with twenty-six years’ experience in the 13th Royal Regiment. When authorized to raise the 120th Battalion in November 1915, he expressed dissatisfaction with the indifferent attitude of the Government in the poor response to appeals for recruits.

Although his men had vowed to follow Vicars “to hell if need be,” the 172nd was broken up on arriving in England in October 1916. Vicars reverted to the rank of major and joined a forestry unit in France before being invalided home due to ill health.

The 120th sailed for England in August 1916. It was absorbed by the 2nd Reserve Battalion in January 1917 and Fearman was posted to the Central Ontario Regiment Depot. Suffering from haemorrhoids and worry over the breakup of his battalion, he was diagnosed with general debility and sent home in May.

He died in Hamilton on 29 August 1934.

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