The Architect

Lieutenant Colonel H. J. Rous Cullin
88th (Victoria Fusiliers) BattalionCullin

Message from Victoria Fusiliers to Victoria: Keep on recruiting. The war is only just starting, it will go another two years. Fill up the 88th again. It has only sent a brigade so far. Make it a division before the war is over. Wake up, Victoria, and, organize both soldiering and business. Never mind the dollars— get the Hun!

(Cullin’s message to Daily Colonist, 6 June 1916)

Harold Joseph Rous Cullin was a British Columbia commercial architect. Born on 5 December 1875 in Liverpool, England, he was a cadet officer, cricket player, gymnast, member of the London Rifle Brigade and officer in the Royal Engineers. He immigrated to Canada in 1904.

A major in the 88th (Victoria Fusiliers) Regiment, Cullin was selected to command the 88th Battalion in the CEF, one of the few units to retain its numerical militia designation. After the battalion left Victoria, Cullin provided the Daily Colonist was a travel log of the battalion’s journey across the country by train to Halifax.

When Cullin and his troops arrived in England in July 1916, the battalion was absorbed into the 30th Reserve Battalion. Suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, Cullin was deemed a surplus officer and returned to British Columbia where he resumed his architecture career.

He died on 12 August 1935.

Digitized Service File (LAC):

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