The Also Ran

Lieutenant Colonel R. A. Carman
10th Canadian Mounted RiflesCarman

Unique in the history of a Federal election campaign in Saskatchewan, Lt – Col. R. A. Carman, an Independent, seeks the endorsation of the electorate of Regina without having held a meeting. By personal contact and the use of pamphlets Col, Carman has carried on his campaign, and he is one of the few candidates who has not delivered a radio speech.

(Lethbridge Herald, 28 Jul 1930, 16)

Russell Aubrey Carman was born in Belleville, Ontario on 22 August 1878. At the outbreak of the Great War, he was living in Saskatchewan and worked as a barrister. With twenty-one years’ experience in the 15th Regiment and the 16th Light Horse, he was authorized to organize the 10th Mounted Rifles from Regina in December 1914.

The 10th CMR was disbanded in England and Carman was attached to various cavalry reserve units. After the war, he relocated his law practice to his hometown of Belleville. In 1924, he was rumored to be a Liberal nominee for a by-election in West Hastings. Although he did not run, Carman remained active in Liberal politics.

During the 1930 federal election, Carman ran as an independent candidate in Regina. He received only 82 votes. His rejection of traditional electoral tactics such as mass campaigning and public rallies probably didn’t help.

Digitized Service File (LAC):

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