The Overlooked

Lieutenant Colonel Adam Weir   Weir&
Major Andy M. MoffatMoffat160th (Bruce) Battalion

But still in England? Mustering as much good grace as possible we have finally given up all hope and desire to read the future. It is the third X mas in khaki for most of us, each having left a little farther up the beach of army life. Shall we continue? We cannot possibly go much further without slipping over the edge into life in France.

(Editorial, “Bruce in Khaki,” 1 Jan 1918, 98)

Adam Weir was a manufacturer in Port Credit and a twenty-four year member of the 32nd (Bruce) Regiment. He was born on 21 November 1863 in Aberfoyle, Canada West. In December 1915, Wier was appointed to raise the 160th Battalion from Bruce County. Well respected as a militiaman and civic leader, Weir, a local newspaper observed, “is regarded as a most capable officer, and is remembered here for his fine soldiering abilities.”

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