Lt. Col. Rose

Lieutenant Colonel Hugh A. Rose
98th (Lincoln & Welland) Battalion

This is a great and inspiring cause, that of fostering peace and goodwill between two great nations, and will serve as an example to all the countries of the world. No better time could have been chosen for the launching of such a movement. The Kellogg Peace Pact has lately been ratified and confirmed by the leading powers of the world.

 (Rose’s speech on International Peace, Gardener’s Chronicle of America, 1929, 363)

Hugh Alexander Rose was born on 12 April 1881 in Welland, Ontario. He joined the 44th Regiment in 1897, rising to the rank of lieutenant colonel. After the outbreak of the Great War, Rose and his militiamen were tasked with guarding the Welland Canal. In November 1915, he was authorized to organize the 98th Battalion. Continue reading