The Hockey Pioneer

Major Lennox Irving
Lieutenant Colonel E. J. Watt
240th (Renfrew) Battalion

We have the best type of manhood in the world in our brave troop fighting somewhere or everywhere in France. To appreciate even in the slightest degree, one mast see the heroes as they go Into the trenches, go over the parapet, facing fearful odds, and then see them at their rest camps preparing for a great attack.

(Maj. Irving, Ottawa Journal, 11 Aug 1917, 16)

Edgar John Watt was a stove and furnace manufacturer with twelve years’ experience in the 42nd Regiment. He was born in Lamarck, Ontario on 4 July 1884. After the formation of the 240th Battalion, former 42nd Regiment commanding officer, fifty-three year old Lennox Irving came out of retirement to serve as second-in-command.

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