Lt. Col. Scobell

Lieutenant Colonel S.B. Scobell
235th (Durham and Northumberland) Battalion

I had the opportunity of returning to Canada but refused absolutely, and fought hard until I landed this position. I am still and will continue to be paid by the Dominion Government, but will be attached to the Imperial army for duty.

 (Scobell, Toronto Star, 13 August 1917)

Sidney Brandage Scobell, a druggist and Orangeman with twelve years’ experience in the 19th Lincoln Regiment, was authorized to raise the 235th from the counties of Northumberland and Durham in 1916. He was born in St. Catherines on 7 February 1871. After his understrength unit was broken up in May 1917, Scobell sought a position in the field. By August, he was seconded to the Imperial Forces.

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