Lt. Col. N. Smith

Lieutenant Colonel Neil Smith
186th (Kent) Battalion

The man at the head of that battalion is Lt. Colonel Neil Smith, a Liberal. The Minister of Militia appointed him because he knew that he was the best man that could be found for the position, not only in the county of Kent, but possibly in the whole Ontario.

 (McCoig, Debates, 28 Jan 1916, 390)

Born on 2 November 1880 in Tilbury, Ontario, Neil Smith was a dentist and prize marksman. He graduated from the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario in 1905 and served in the 21st Essex Fusiliers and the 24th (Kent) Regiment. An expert target shooter, Smith represented Canada on the national Bisley Team in England. At the 1909 event, Smith scored the first perfect score of 50 at 900 yards. He helped the Canadian team to win the tournament and tied for the highest individual score to date, 140.

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