Col. Moore

Colonel Edmund E.W. Moore
9th Reserve Battalion

He walked his horse until he got across the Railway Bridge from the Brigade Office. After crossing the Railway Bridge he started to go faster as we went along. The horse broke into a gallop and Colonel Moore lost his cap. The Horse increase his pace galloping down hill. I then thought that Colonel Moore had lost control of the horse.

 (Pte. L.M. Carson, Court of Inquiry, 9 Apr 1917)

Born in Hamilton, Canada West on 8 September 1864, Edmund Evelyn Wentworth Moore was a surveyor and former commanding officer of the 13th Royal Regiment. Just before the First World War, he assumed command of the 4th Infantry Brigade of the militia. He went overseas with the First Contingent and took over the 9th Reserve Battalion from May 1915 until April 1916.

Moore was next placed in command of the 6th Training Brigade until it was disbanded in October 1916. He transferred to command the 3rd Training Brigade until it too was disbanded in January 1917. He next assumed command of the newly formed 1st Reserve Brigade until he met a tragic accident. While stationed at West Sandling Camp, Moore was fatally injured when thrown from his horse on 5 April 1917. His skull fractured, he slipped into a coma and died.

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