Lt. Col. Rowland

Lieutenant Colonel T.P.T. Rowland
119th (Algoma) Battalion

After the war is over you will be only two or three years older than you are today. The Boys will know that You will be surrounded by those who enlisted, and fought, and returned. They will want to know what you did. What will be your answer? And what, your answer in the long years to come? And to your children, and their children?

(Rowland, Recruiting Letter, 24 Feb 1916)

Thomas Percival Turton Rowland was born on 10 April 1875 in Niagara-on-the-lake. He was a lawyer in Sault Ste.  Marie with seven years in the Queen’s Own Rifles and two years in the 51st Soo Regiment. Beginning in November 1915, he organized the 119th Battalion from Algoma and Manitoulin Island. The unit provided reinforcement drafts in England from August 1916 until it was absorbed by the 8th Reserve Battalion in April 1918.

Rowland reverted to the rank of major and joined the 58th Battalion on the front. He returned to Canada in July 1919 after demobilization.

He died on 30 December 1952.

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