Lt. Col. Vesconte & Maj. Mitchell

Lieutenant Colonel R.C. Le Vesconte

Major W.G. Mitchell

166th (Queen’s Own Rifles) Battalion

Robert Cleugh Le Vesconte was born on 23 March 1861 in Seymour Township, Canada West. He joined the Queen’s Own Rifles in 1880 and became acting commandant in 1915. A graduate of the University of Toronto and Osgoode Hall, he founded his own law practice in 1894.

On 22 June 1916, Le Vesconte broke his ankle and suffered a deep scalp wound after a fall from his horse.

Unfit to join the battalion overseas, Le Vesconte was replaced by Major William George Mitchell in July 1916. Mitchell was born on 18 November 1867 in Bowmansville, Ontario. He became a member of the Toronto stock exchange in 1891 and joined the Queen’s Own Rifles. A member of the regiment for twenty-four years, he had enlisted as second-in-command of the 166th in early 1916.

The battalion sailed for England in October 1916 and was absorbed into the 12th Reserves in January 1917 under Mitchell’s command. On 2 June, he was succeeded by Major Bertram Hooper.

Le Vesconte died on 4 June 1945 and Mitchell died on 30 November 1955.

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